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(Pet Peeve Friday’s is Back 🙂 )

If the Train looks like this when it pulls up.

There’s NO ROOM! It burns my soul when you insignificant little take worms attempt to squeeze your luggage and your self onto such a crowded train!

If the Doors can’t close. YOU CAN’T FIT!

Yes, it’s NYC. Yes, There are too many people in this City. Yes, expect a crowded train during Rush Hour.

No, It’s not ok for little non english speaking people to dart in front of me when the train pulls up (Or little english speaking people)!  No, It’s not ok for you to dry hump me and smirk when I look at you. No, it’s not okay for you to hold the doors for your family of eight. No, it’s not ok for you to sing old folk tales and beat a drum with an antenna while your Husband break dances with one leg! Spare the WORLD, please. Would it be ok if I Karate Chopped your ass in the back of the neck? Or if I interrupted your routine and practiced my Cha Cha slide while standing on your drum? How bout that?

I’m Just Sayin…

It’s Pet Peeve Friday, Sound OFF!

-Stay FLY!

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