The Irony, or careful planning?

The same couple who battled it out and distracted the World from Last years Grammy Awards, are set to battle in public in the coming weeks.

With Rihanna’s November Release and Chris’s December Release the World will be watching to see who comes out on top.

No matter what the outcome both have more to gain from this situation. Ironically, they both have become even bigger superstars as a result of a not so positive incident. I’ll be totally honest, I’m excited about both projects.

Random but true.

There is a genius behind this all. Kudos.

My Breakdown of the two, and peep their new music after the jump…

Rihanna. Although her music is catchy, her lack luster performances and sketchy live vocals have plagued her image as a certified singer. We love to see her out and about Shutting it down (Rachel Zoe voice) but no one wants to hear her live. With her time away did she get some vocal lessons, Did she work on her performance, maybe a few dance classes?? She’s also never spoken up about the incident. This could be BIG, if she speaks to the right person and articulates herself well enough. I’ve not heard her speak since S.O.S. was poppin…

I’m just Saying.

Will she? Should she?

Chris Brown. There’s no secret that Chris’s last Album did not do as much as was expected. Although he is one of the few dudes who can actually sing and dance (that boy dances his arse off), Wall to Wall wasnt enough to push the Album to the Glory Status out of the gate. With Chris it’s a matter of picking the right single, which his team doesn’t always get right. Will they get it right this time? His team also has the task of pushing him out of the “Woman Beater” box he has gotten himself into and soften back up his image. A huge task. Can it be done?

The Singles…

Not what we expected, but oh so appropriate. She doesn’t have to worry about a dance routine. She just needs to push those vocals out and throw in a few Beyonce faces and I’m sold.

What I expected from Chris, was kinda hoping for something outta the box. Kinda Safe, but I like it. Stick to what works for you. This way, he doesn’t have to try so hard to promote material. The focus is on promoting Chris back to the masses.

Your thoughts?

-Stay FLY!


Add yours

  1. wait…that isn’t Rihanna’s voice…lets be real…and with CB’s crawl out…CB is bout to shid all on Rhi Rhi…lets remember who the real performer is people…I would just prefer Ne Yo to sing the song…

  2. i like both songs…between these two specific songs…rih>chris.

    BUT…”Crawl” shits on “Russian Roulette” so hard…it’s crazy. I’m happy they both are moving forward. But, I have high hopes for Chris. I expect Rihbot to sell out the butt, but I still feel like I’m going to be getting another GGGB/AGLM …but we shall see.

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