Top Ten Videos to watch

Cassie was spotted on the set of Chris Brown’s new video as the leading lady. I say Yes, if you don’t have Rihanna anymore get another beautiful, fashionable–> “songstress”.

I do need Cassie to lead her own Video, like, sometime soon.

Just a though. *Kanye Shrug*

And in the same weekend Kelly was spotted on the set of 50’s new Video as his leading Lady.

Smell a pattern?

Can Ashanti get some shine?

She’s free.


TLC Reunited over the weekend for the Justin Timberlake’s and Friends Concert. I’d really like their performances to be limited to Special Events as such. The death of a member makes it painful to watch, it’s a huge difference then just replacing a living group member, no?

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Rihanna filmed scenes for her new video this weekend.

The first jerk I see with and an eye patch who’s not a pirate will get it.

Master P. joins the ranks of Celebrities with Reality Shows, his helping wayward juveniles see the light.

Thank you Master P.


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