1. Am I the only one who was pissed off that-that little boy wasn’t in that damn balloon?


2. Did a guy really wait five hours to punch Leona Lewis in the face?

*Blank Stare*

And did she just sit there and hold her face. I mean flinch, duck, throw some bows, swing, two-step, do SOMETHING!

3. That’s the same look I had when I heard you were coming back for Season 2.

*Blank Stare*

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4. I’m praying that Rih has been locked in a studio (When she’s not being photographed walking the streets) Somewhere working on that stage performance.

That’s all I need.

5. It must be nice to be famous for absolutely Noting.

-Stay FLY!

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  1. Honestly I thought the boy was abducted by aliens cuz the story was just so crazy. Hopefully Leona Lewis being punch helps her produce a HIT,I Almost forgot bout that chick. If maury is still on why not give ray-j a show both are equally stupid. I think Rih-Rih albums is gonna b full of HITS, It should be tittled Face. The K-Sisters are prime examples that money doesnt bring u happiness just press and paparazzi. Numbers 1,2,3,& 5 all need to take a nap, noboby cares.

  2. 1. When I first heard that the little boy had floated away in a balloon I found this story comical. I was steady trying to wrap my mind around what kind of balloon was he in if it wasn’t a hot air balloon. All I could think about were one of those balloons where they put those stuff animals in, but then he would’ve died of suffocation. Then when they found the little knuckle head hidden in a box in their garage attic.
    2. A guy hitting a female is uncool on so many levels.
    3. Ray J. just has that STD look to him.
    4. I really like Rih. The girl really doesn’t have much talent vocally but she always steps out dressed to the tee. She crossover to modeling only.
    5. My guilty pleasure.

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