[Allegedly] Beyonce and Lady Gaga were spotted on the set of Bey’s Video shoot for  Video Phone in Brooklyn Friday Night.

I can’t even keep count of how many singles Bey has dropped from I am… Sasha Fierce, But I applaud her.

Sources say Lady Gaga is included on the remix for Video Phone and makes an appearance in the video.

An unlikely couple, that makes perfect sense.

I must admit, I’m quite anxious to see the results.

What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

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  1. well, Lady Gaga is an international superstar. while some Beyonce is not so known in europe, except in the UK. The knowles fam only using Lady Gaga.. BOOO!! Go and get ur own fanbase here beyonce. IN EUROPE BEYONCE IS KNOWN AS A DIVA AND NOBODY IS FEELING HER!! RIHANNA AND LADY GAGA ARE INTERNATIONAL!! BEYONCE NOT REALLY!

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  3. talk about shutting the game down! let me find out lady gaga’s gonna be j setting and what not…this is one of my favorite new blogs/sites…got to put you guys on my blogroll asap!

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