So Monica is going the Reality TV Route…

I don’t know about this one.

I definitely saw this coming with her influx of special appearances last season on Keyshia Cole’s Reality Show The Way it is. Not sure if Keyshia’s formula will work for Monica. Sure, I am a fan. I’m a fan of old school Monica, can’t say that I’ve been moved by any of her recent Material. I am however, excited about her working with both Missy and Jazmine Sullivan on her upcoming project, that MUST be good!

I mean I guess it’s the first reality show based on a comeback so there is a little originality.

I guess….

Your Thoughts?

Some shots of her Promo Commercial after the jump…

She looks beautiful here.

No clue what this look was supposed to be.

This look pierces my Soul.

One Big FAIL after another! That Bandana sends everything down hill, and ripped jeans and Winter boots? All she’s missing is Tiny, Toya and the rest of Xscape.

-Stay FLY!


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