While visiting my blog fam over at, I ran across this particular post…

But here is my story first:

While attending The Hennessey event on last night, there was this one particular guy roaming around the black carpet, with relaxed hair and a bad rendition of fake Ed Hardy clothing all over his body. I said to myself, “I know this guy from somewhere…and he looks horrible”. While standing around aimlessly with this random white chick, with frazzled blonde hair paired with another fake Ed Hardy hoodie, you can tell they were on a mission.

After about an hour or so, they somehow manage to get pass the velvet rope giving some fake name or title. Finally they got the ok to hit the black carpet. Flashes from the media was rare. I swear I saw about 2 or 3 flashes and muffled sounds of “Who is this dude again? *blank stares*”

And now look what I stumble on today…SMH…I knew this dude was a coon…

“I Love New York contestant “T-Weed” who was booted off the show for negative bank account funds, has recently been busted in a more serious scam.

Help Me Howard news recently caught wind of this scandal which included a model, photographer, design manager, and producer whom all claim to have been scammed out of money by the former reality star posing as a founder for Ed Hardy.”


Your Thoughts?

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