We love our readers, In the coming weeks we will be conducting several contest aimed at giving back to the thousands of readers who check in daily.

Enters FLY. LIKE. ME. Contest.

In 200 words or less tell us what you like about SFPL, what keeps you coming back, and why you consider yourself a Fly reader.

Email your entries to, The winner will be announced on October 12th…. The prize (although it’s geared towards the fellas, but ladies feel free to enter… No Bias will be given 😉 )

Introducing Ckfree, the new men’s fragrance from
*Calvin Klein*.

ckfree is a light and easy to wear warm, woody
fragrance that speaks to the confident, casual, independent man who has
nothing to prove, and represents the ideal of living free without
boundaries – the ultimate freedom.

Good Luck!

-The Fly Guys

-Stay FLY!

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