Check out the FLY Guys as we Tell our Favorite Roc Moments via Jay-Z and Rocawear for the Diamond Celebration Campaign.

We had a blast participating in this campaign!

The Campaign Video featuring the Many Faces incorporated with the brand after the jump…

-Stay FLY!





3 responses to “ROC4LIFE…”

  1. MeLoVe Avatar

    Congrats to you both. That is so great!!!

  2. TheHater666 Avatar

    The Roc line is mediocre . They only cater to wannabe street thugs, gangsters and rappers. People who don’t want to grow up and be men. This line took because of Jay. If Jay was n’t affiilated with this label it would of never lasted. Come on , its owned by the company that owns South pole.

  3. $in Avatar

    Polo Ralph Lauren was catered for White people, Timberland was catered for White people, and Tommy Hilfiger was catered for White people. Which three changed their tunes when they noticed that African-Americans had the highest percentage of purchasing their products? Yes, African-Americans wears this product more than other races, but it’s retarded for a company to create a product that only targets a certain type of demographic. Now if you excuse me, I have to pick out my preppy cardigan, rugby jeans, with some red wings shoes. I think I’m taking a rest with my wannabe street gear.

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