You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

So this week’s Fly Fashion Question desires a bit of thought…

Which do you consider the worse upon the first encounter, Busted Hair or Busted Shoes?

busted shoes

Chime in, in the comments section…

I’ll kick things off…

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  1. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like

    This is not an easy one, But if I must choose….I’d have to say a busted SHOE! Ungh! Altho I hate to see a chick in a bad weave *Yikes* a dirty shoe is completely unnecessary. It says a lot about a person to have on a filthy shoe by choice. Clearly this excludes anyone who cannot help it. But if you CHOOSE a filthy shoe, or a busted worn out sneaker. #FAIL

  2. kassp2000 Avatar

    busted hair.

  3. Janan Avatar

    hmmm. this is a toughy because whats considered a bad hair day for a girl depends if its a BUSTED weave day or just bed hair ponytail day…. are those equivalent because a busted WEAVE day is a no no but a bed hair ponytail day should be acceptable.

  4. Janan Avatar

    …i got cut off. ….lol annnd for a guy whats a bad hair day isnt even inn anymore because thats the look now. however, a busted SHOE day is supreme over a busted hair day ANYDAY

  5. laura luna Avatar

    I would have to say busted SHOE. You can be having a bad hair day…but why would you have a bad shoe day???

  6. Patty Avatar

    Although this is a tough one. I’m gonna have to go with a busted ass shoe. That’s usually one of the first things I notice. If your shoes are “talking” to me…then I’m gonna have to pass.

  7. $in Avatar

    Hard topic. You don’t know the reason for a girl to have a bad hair day, so I’ll ignore it. As for the bad shoes, what if she just came from the gym, salon, laundry, who knows? I would bypass the first day, but if this seems like a pattern, I’ll have to keep it moving. Okay this is my acceptable blogging answer.

  8. RICHIERob..$ Avatar

    This is a hard one ,BUUTTT id have to say a busted ass shoe. like $in said you dont know where a person is coming from,bcuz like myself if i just came from washing the car or something,but if you are dressed and your clothes look pressed and your shoes are crunchy NO BUENO @ all. but i would say busted hair isnt the business bcuz if all fails there is gel,water and a ponytail solution so thats no excuse and as far as the weave situation it doest cost to much to get a wash and flat iron these days ,,but thats just mE,,,,,

  9. The other Jay Avatar
    The other Jay

    busted shoe

  10. Agu Avatar

    Busted shoe……

  11. Janee Avatar

    Busted shoe! I hate when I meet someone the day BEFORE my hair appointment LOL. I always feel like saying, “MY APPOINTMENT IS TOMORROW AT 5:30!”

  12. Stealo Avatar

    Busted shoess

  13. Kitty Bradshaw Avatar

    See this is why I don’t come to other Blogger’s sites… I absorb their energy… hmmm ok so imma borrow this “Kitty’s Question of the Week” segment… thank you kindly lollll. Ok I won’t be back on your site for 30 days, lolll.

  14. MB Avatar

    I’d say busted shoe because sometimes a bad hair day is out of your control, but you can always pick what type of shoes you’re wearing.

  15. Fe Avatar

    Bad hair *comatose
    Busted shoes *dead

  16. Fati Avatar

    busted shoes. i have busted hair atm…lol

  17. Im Jamie J Avatar
    Im Jamie J

    A busted shoe WINS #FAIL! HAND DOWN!!!!!

    You put a hat on bad hair man or woman, we know we don’t go to the barber/salon err day!


    Lets be honest, you folks here at SFPL (me included) have busted shoes/boots/sneakers that some people can still buy in a store. So our busted would never get to the point of “toe-talking kicks” or “muddy monsoon hiking in a rain forest”!

    Now for them that enjoy a breeze in foot wear that wasn’t meant to be an open-toe, YOU #FAIL (and get your hair done while your at it cus i’m sure thats a mess too!)

  18. dunk Avatar


  19. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    “*Yikes* a dirty shoe is completely unnecessary.”

    LMAO…True tho unless you like a construction worker or something..everybody has a bad hair day erry now and again etc thank goodness for hats and bobbie pins etc LOL

  20. BelizeanCutie84 Avatar

    I have to go with bad shoes. Everyone has a bad hair day. But bad shoes speaks volumes about a person. There is no explanation a person can give as to why their shoes is spitting game @ me.

    LOL @ Laura

  21. Cocoa V. Avatar

    Busted shoes are definitely a cardinal sin!!!!! Could be a bad hair day or on their way to the salon/barber shop but only a bonafide crum bum would risk being seen in some raggally shoes!

  22. DreWinsNYDC Avatar

    Definitely shoes!!! Everyone can have a bad hair day, but shoes always set off an outfit, I believe much more than hair.

  23. DeeRay Avatar

    I will have to go with busted sneakers, but only if they are converse, vans, pro keds, and sneakers in that sort. As long as they are not leaning and have holes in them then I would still rock ’em and still style them.

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