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This weekend Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were married.

–>Insert *side-eye* here.<–

I heard Tupac and Santa were sitting front row.

Publicity Stunts are still in?

I guess…

Your verdict?

-Stay FLY!





8 responses to “WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU…”

  1. $incere Avatar

    Lamar is a fool. You need this much attention that you had to fake marry Chyna Doll from the WWE? #Fail

  2. Patty Avatar

    LMAO @ Chyna Doll. Even the woman behind Khloe doesn’t believe this ish. I hope a pre-nup was signed…because this “marriage” will be over by the time I finish writing this.

  3. Tricey Avatar

    LMAO @ Tupac & Santa sitting in the front row. Oh yeah and E! filmed and paid for the whole thing -_- hmmm

  4. Glam Avatar

    Lets see how long it last.

  5. Septembre Avatar

    I don’t mean to be rude but I honestly thought she was a transsexual for quite some time. Lamar really couldn’t find anyone else?

  6. RICHIERob..$ Avatar

    the fact that E! filmed and paid for this makes me really not believe it.I like khloe but I really feel like she is seeking attention and she getting it. shes trying to one up her sisters and stay revelant, i dont believe it,,,

  7. Hizzle Avatar

    Dude is fuglier than dog ish. I know khloe the ugly sister but take a look at him for a sec. He fell off the top branch of the ugly tree.

  8. DivaKattGurl Avatar

    Looks aside.. because we seriously cannot base relationships on looks. The fact that the whole thing was rushed and prenup/postnup issues and also because it seems like they were together for like 3 weeks… how does a relationship develop into marriage?!

    And his kids weren’t there (allegedly)

    *hard side eye to the left and the right*

    as they say “Watch what happens”

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