Amerie is not joke in this video!! Wow!! Congrats Amerie! This is a winner!!

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9 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: AMERIE….”HEARD ‘EM ALL”

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  1. Even though I particularly listened to this song I tried not to like it. Well I heard it on the radio the other day and wanted to turn it up so loud that it could have burst my speakers. I have all her cds, even though someone stole the second one. I will be getting this one cause she has some bangers on it.

  2. the video is hottt and she looks great! i hope she continues this type of momentum cause she actually has some talent!

  3. I love Amerie, especially her All I Have album. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Except for that whack Carl Thomas collabo on her last album. But otherwise, go Amerie!

  4. Ahh, this is my favorite part, where I get to come in and be the voice of dissent. I’ll admit, she is killing it in the video. But her version of killing it looks like every other female artists approach. It’s not groundbreaking. It’s a little let Bey’, a little Rih, a little like Ciara, etc. (I’ll also not be remiss in saying the song sounds like the Pussycat Dolls rejected it or the sequel to “Buttons”.) I’m sad that she feels, or her team feels, that in order for her to “arrive” she must do what everyone else is doing. It’s just recycling the theme everyone is using. The formula now seems to be, female artist, skimpy clothes in dark gothic motif videos. And somehow people are eating it up. What worked for Amerie when her first single dropped, “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” , is at the time, she was holding her own, just being fresh-faced and normal. Not trying to be like any other female artist. Now, she is trying to hold court with the big dogs doing what they do. Success is not based on fitting into a niche. It’s based on creating a new one. I’ll hold out when creativity comes back on the scene. And so no one thinks I’m a hater, I am on Team Amerie and I will hope and pray Amerie gets the recognition she deserves, but I’ll do so to that end when she starts seeking to expose her true self and not some packaged version of her.

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