Big Gipp on Goodie Mob Reunion & Cee-Lo Green

“I think it’s time.”

Goodie Mob member Big Gipp talks to SoulCulture in a New York hotel days before the anticipated Goodie Mob reunion concert in Atlanta on 19 Sept 2009. He talks about why the group have reunited, why Cee-Lo is such an integral member of the group, how it affected him when he left the group and why the group have been missed.

“When we came into the game it was really about the culture, it was really about saying something…”

We cannot wait for this reunion happen!

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-Stay Fly!

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  1. I hate so much that I missed that show. I’m so hyped about this reunion, can’t tell me nothin! DF and Goodie Mob is what I’ve been missing…

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