I’ve officially had enough.

-Stay FLY!





14 responses to “AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR(s)…”

  1. 3c Avatar

    wow … never left a comment but its like a real wow moment i think she really is not all there its like no body’s home u know… it not an attention thing really she really feels she gat the chops n wants dat respect u know …oh well ull keep doin u

  2. Septembre Avatar

    Seems like she has some kind of Kanye syndrome (extremely over-inflated ego) except Kanye is actually talented. Does she think she’s Jay-Z or does she wanna replace B? This little girl needs to go sit down somewhere.

  3. Buttascotch Avatar

    What in the hot grit have I seen here today? Is this a joke or does she really think her flow is nice? More importantly, does she think her lip gloss is poppin? No ma’am… I say a No ma’am….Try again..

  4. 3c Avatar

    btw love d blog love u guys love d way ull put things its hilarious … big up TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. peace

  5. the other Jay Avatar
    the other Jay

    what the F#$% is this S^&*…….????????

    Man Down!!!!!!!!

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  7. Lil Mama Taylor Avatar
    Lil Mama Taylor

    Code 10..Man down..all kinds of blank stares….I think her marketing plan isn’t well though out…we see where she would like to go but there isn’t enough gas in that mini car.

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  9. SGHI Avatar

    Have you ever felt extremely embarrassed for someone, as if it were you going through it? Umm, yeah. I’m having that moment right now.

    But seriously, I don’t think anything is wrong with her, she’s just seeking attention and thinks that she can go the “I’m so crazy” route to keep her buzz (if that’s what you wanna call it) up. After ABDC and next year’s VMA’s, she will fade into oblivion.

  10. ListenToLeon Avatar

    God, please MAKE IT STOP!!! This is one of those situations where Lil Mama should have taken her “L” from the VMAs, walked away, and pretended it never happened! This just makes it worse! LOL

  11. Tierra Divastyle Avatar

    OKAY u know what I was not even mad @lil mama I thought “she’s young and a little overexcited” but this bull—- she should be ashamed a damn shame and for it to be soooooooooooooooo wack funny ! still I would style her…Get at me young’n

  12. Winter Avatar

    Man Down….lol..priceless

  13. MikeySAURUS Avatar

    *Throws computer across room, runs and jumps out of window*

  14. Glorious & Gorgeous Avatar
    Glorious & Gorgeous

    This is a very unhealthy obsession, mixed with delusions of grandeur and a touch of narcissism.

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