Don’t get me wrong….I love Lady Gaga as an artist. But as a close friend or associate, I feel like she would stab me to death in the trunk of a limo. *blank scared stare*

What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga?

See you in the comment section….

-Stay Fly!


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  1. I love Gaga and her music (heavy rotation on the workout playlist), but I think she does the most and tries too hard to be different when it comes to her style. I’d love to see what she looks like when she goes to bed at night.

  2. Love Lady GAGA. I’m all for anyone that is different in a positive sense.

    Is it just me or does LAdy GAGA have a really nice shape. She doesnt have a huge ass, tits, or hips. However, she’s still curvy.

  3. I digg lady gaga a lot and after last night I really digg her,I loved her performance as bizar it was,she put on a show and I respect her for that!!! She did scare me a bit in the all red in a real way!!! I love her individuality but it becomes a lot sometimes!!!

  4. Like I’ve said before Lady Gaga can do no wrong in my eyes.
    Can’t wait for her concert with Kanye if that’s still in the works.

  5. This chic kinda twisted.. but I like it!! lol! She has that shock value where u really can’t predict what the heck she’s gonna do next… that one outfit in the top right…..yeah.. about that??!!!

  6. I absolutely adore her! She is not afraid to be the extremist, the weirdo, the constant talk of the town. And she can back it all up as an artist, the woman cranks out some nice hits! I love her!

  7. My brother doesn’t even know who she is but saw the picture of her with the bird nest around her face and popped off laughing..I couldn’t help but to keke too. Didi she have to change that many times????

    Oh and the RED *slaughtered*

  8. I love the pic of the Fly Guys.. *cough, cough* lol!

    Gaga brings to the industry what somebody has to for every generation… a WTF factor! She pulls it off and she is great!

  9. Is she tucking?..cause she has a weird habit of sticking her butt out in her performances and pictures…I can’t listen to anything that seems contrived. It takes the fun out of getting into the music..hope I’m wrong…

    Overall her look is real theatrical..and that is entertainment!!!

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