Forget Cee-lo channeling his inner Lil’ Mama.

Does Dionne Warwick really have on a 3 Quarter length Coogi Sweater?

Wipe Me Down.

She Didn’t show up to the BMI Urban Music Awards looking like she just left the house…

They must have just put her in the car and said they were going to Cissy’s House.

That Jacket is BOSS.

The outfit is Dreadful.

That fitted, that button up, those CHIPS Shades = FAIL.

Just Say No to Bad Fashion.

-Stay FLY!





6 responses to “I. CAN. NOT.”

  1. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    flatlined @ CHiPs…. hahahahahahhahaha

  2. BelizeanCutie84 Avatar

    Love me some C Breezy. Women beater or not. Jacket is hot!!

  3. $in Avatar

    I could dig the CHIPS shades, but not the John Lennon button up with the woodstock hat.

  4. Gucci Avatar

    um honestly CB don’t even look that bad here…except with those female gloves he’s rockin. Everything else is pretty much casual. At least he aint playin the hell out of those Dee and Ricky heart pins….SMH. That trend is Dead and GONE. Ask Justin or T.I.

    lol & now watch me get in trouble for keepin it 100! So lemme just apologize in advance. I’m so so sorry for being real.

  5. $in Avatar

    You shouldn’t apologize for keeping it real. The same way I feel that your opinions are equivalent to a penny. It counts for something, but they are not really worth anything.

  6. Goldie Avatar

    Come one RAE, not my future “sponsor” lol. CB is still gonna be my coin source.

    but in all honsety, the outfit is dreadful. I’m not feeling those jeans, they don’t look stiff enough. I like my man to have a nice wash in a STIFF jean fabric. lol

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