The Fly Guys will be on deck at this year’s Mtv Video Music Awards where Janet will Open the Show. Lets hope I don’t get all emotional and have my wet face all over somebody else’s blog. Smh. I can see it now Blogger gets ridiculously emotional over Jackson performance.

You know Janet’s gonna put 200% into this performance. All that raw emotion and energy. *Ready*

I’m already done.

Miss Jackson covers Harper’s Bazaar.

Did I say Icon already?


-Stay FLY!

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  1. I’m literally on edge til Sunday. You guys gotta tweet from your perspective moment by moment. The cover is dope.

  2. really really hoping Janets next release is MAJOR, and yes looking forward to the opening, altho I thought she was just speaking instead of performing…HB cover and pics simply fab and sophisticate

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