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Photographer Freddy O spotted singer Nivea at an R&B showcase in Atlanta this past weekend.  She rolled up flossing in her brand new white benz  and a ring on her left hand that Freddy says was giving to her by Lil Wayne. He also says she is 6 months pregnant (side eye).  I can’t keep up with this…

I can’t either Necole…SMH, Double Side-Eye…

This is tragic.

Your thoughts?

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11 responses to “RANDOMONIUM…”

  1. Coffy Avatar

    It looks like she’s wearing my grandma’s moo-moo. Is she just happy to be impregnated by lil wayne b/c she has nothing else to smile about (she looks a HOTT Ms. Piggy MESS)

  2. RICHIE.ROB$ Avatar

    Ok so nivea is clearly happy with being just baby momma material, how many does this make now what baby number 5 maybe,,,uggh. I mean u have more talent than just being on ya back ,and why come out the house looking like a big f’N champagne looking balloon. She makes pregnancy look disgusting. .

  3. holla ho! Avatar
    holla ho!

    LOL@ big f’N champagne looking balloon

    I feel bad because for a second I was like RAVEN?!!! Sorry!!!! Sorry!!


  4. BelizeanCutie84 Avatar

    LMAO @ everyone. you guys are on one. lol. She does look a HOT ASS MESS!!

    This is one occasion that she shouldve stayed her ass in the house.

  5. Ms_Slim Avatar

    This is why so many ppl thought Raven Symone was preggo. It really DOES look like her.

    But this is just too much. Wayne? Really?! SMH!!!!!

  6. Sina Avatar

    That dress is a crucial mistake!It looks like a project runway massacre!
    she is definately OUT

  7. Kimmy Avatar

    wait wait wait….6 months??!!……thats it??!! she look a lil past due…maybe its the dress *SIGH*

  8. L. Avatar

    Kimmy, she def looks like she is past due…and can someone tell me why she is wrapped up in a ruched sheet?

  9. Amour Avatar

    This whole situation is MESSY!!! Ugh! She looks happy so good for her I guess.

  10. PinQ Avatar

    how pregnant could a woman ever be?!
    well I wish her good luck on the birth 😉

  11. ChiWildGirl Avatar

    WTF is she smiling about wearing a couch cover? And that caption gotta be wrong, she gotta be Damn near 8 months at the very least. Fire whoever told you this was a good look girl..Wearing your wedding reception tent to a party is a no-no.

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