Er’body is in the gym.

Looks like Yezzy has been using his Workout Plan to his advantage. Ye graces the Cover of French Magazine Liberation Next-Chest Naked.

For this special issue of how human we met Kanye West, producer, musician, singer and now fashion icon. The man is a bit megalomaniac, but he has style, his latest album – which we never tire – is the best proof. Obsessed with control of himself, his music, his looks, Kanye West built before our eyes an ambivalent public figure capable of bringing together the paradoxes of the times: it suffices to note how the rapper, capable of melancholy , clothe his body tattooed bodybuilder and as elegantly as possible. Two months after the death of Michael Jackson, he is one of the few – the only one? – Be entitled to recover the crown of the reclusive Neverland, asleep forever beneath the sleeping pills.

Looks like an interesting read.

Since Ye has obviously been beefing up, does he and Amber receive your vote as the sexiest couple around?


-Stay FLY!

[The Fly Style Life]

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  1. Is that the scan or is that taco meat all over Kanye’s body? I’m turned off by the hair but turned on by the body…

  2. Thats how I like it. Looking good Kanye. *currently plotting how to take Amber out, so I can have my way w kanye*

  3. KANYE?????????? Got DAMN!!!! Mr. West is looking damn good! I know Amber is having a ball with him haha!

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