Turn your back if you aint ready…

The pics from Rihanna’s Vogue Italia Supplemental Issue have surfaced…

And they are ALL I thought they would be.

I’m done talking.

-Stay FLY!

[Necole Bitchie]





10 responses to “SHE RUNs THIS TOWN…”

  1. Gucci Avatar


  2. Ian Jarrell of Avatar

    Does she even know she is BAD!!! Like seriously these photos are killing these hoes…Supermodel
    She is giving Grace Jones tho

  3. RICHIE.ROB$ Avatar

    Good look rhi rhi, ,,just a mouth full,lol

  4. Gee Easy Avatar
    Gee Easy

    She effing killed this spread! Maybe she’ll finally quit the yodeling and start modeling. One can only wish… lol

  5. La Jersey Diva.... Avatar
    La Jersey Diva….

    who would have thought little Ms. “Pon de Replay” would turn out like this… Rih Rih is beyond amazing… and I very seldom give complements about celebrities or anyone cus at the end of the day they are they are just like all of us, only with a different job description… but she looks fabulous!!!

  6. Jaye Avatar

    She is definitely killing it… Is it me or does Vogue Italia always do a really dope issue?! Remember last year’s Black Issue??

  7. aboveitall Avatar

    Ok I’m done, but this is what we in my circle a BAD-ASS BITCH!!!!! She just murdered any and every questionable fashion flub of this past summer and showed the world a fat couture fuck you. Bravo.

  8. Patty Avatar

    LOL ^

  9. Suai Avatar

    she doesn’t have to tell people, “i want to be an icon”… she just kinda is. love it all.

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