Bollywood week on “America’s Best Dance Crew”!

This week is Bollywood week on “America’s Best Dance Crew”! Each crew will be given a Bollywood accented hip-hop track and be expected to perform their routine incorporating a specified move from the lexicon of Indian Dance. Here are this week’s crew songs and challenges:

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RHYTHM CITY “Jai Ho” A.R. Rahman & Pussycat Dolls
Challenge: BHARATA NATYUM – The movements are ample and precise, always symmetrical. The technical vocabulary comprises jumps, spins and balanced attitudes. This style has a lot of bending, squatting and large arm movements.

WE ARE HEROES “Arab Money” Busta Rhymes & Ron Brownz
Challenge: GIDDHA – Performed in a circle, Giddha consists of clapping and often becomes a friendly battle between two people trying to out do each other, with a story. This style is performed by women only and is considered the female version of Bhangra.

AFROBORIKE “Dance Bailalo” Kat De Luna
Challenge: KATHAK – Kathak performers are noted for their fast turns and stomping footwork, whose rhythms, exaggerated by ankle bells, develop into complex metrical sequences. Kind of like tap dance, but without the shoes.

VOGUE EVOLUTION “Calabria 2008” Enur
Challenge: RAJASTHANI – Rajasthani Dance comes from the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a folk style performed during Indian celebrations. The style is fluid with swaying movements, hand gestures and small hip movements. Women generally perform this in a circle wearing brightly colored veils and skirts flaring out as they twirl in circles.

Challenge: BHANGRA – Bhangra is considered to be the most energetic dance style of India. The movement requires lot of athleticism. Bhangra is somewhat graceful, but the moves are large and powerful. It’s a very masculine form of dance.

BEAT YA FEET KINGS “So Fine” Sean Paul
Challenge: GARBA – People dance around the center, bending sideways at every step, their arms making sweeping gestures, each movement ending in a clap. Formation changes, switching partners and barrel turns make a diverse and difficult Garba.

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