Breezy finally got his day in court…

Brown was sentenced two days early in a Los Angeles courtroom, stemming from felony charges that he assaulted his former girlfriend in February.

The judge placed Brown on felony probation for five years with six months of community labor. He must report to probation within 72 hours.

The “Forever” singer, who appeared in court wearing a dark three-piece pinstriped suit, will perform community labor at the Commonwealth Catholic Charities and enroll in a 52-week domestic violence course in Richmond, Va. He is subject to search and seizure at any time over the next five years and cannot own any dangerous weapons. He also may not travel outside of the country without prior court approval.

“I am not immune to the chatter on the airwaves,” Judge Patricia Schnegg told Brown in reference to reports that he and Rihanna have been in contact.

The 20-year-old must stay 100 yards away from Rihanna except when attending industry events where the distance is reduced to 10 yards. The stay-away order is in effect for five years. If he violates the probation, the judge will consider sending him to prison.

He is due back in court November 19 for a progress report.

Your thought?

Is it me, or did I never see Chris’s Mug Shot?

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