Ashanti was spotted at an LV party in NYC recently….


Is it me or is something very off about Ashanti’s look?

Maybe she could have used a little color? Yeah, I think so. Too much black gone wrong…SMH.

And the shoes look bigger than her entire body.

What’s Your Verdict?

-Stay Fly!






9 responses to “THE FLY-VERDICT: ASHANTI”

  1. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like

    2 Things.

    1. Her Shoes are TOO Big, Hey Lil’ Kim!

    2. Her mom is around as always, isn’t Ashanti like 40?


  2. RICHIE.ROB$ Avatar

    Ok so were eye 2 eye on this situation pretty much…the shoes read hurman the monster to me,its a good shoe but maybe not for her. Color was mos defi needed in this fit I mean your not going to lv’s I needed something different hair wise like a pony with a swoop bang maybe even with one big curl I mean be versatile GOD….lil shanni looks decent but the baby heels,TRASH, try again.last but not least that ol mommager of hers,I smell retirement. .No,maybe its just me…lol. ..

  3. Lady P Avatar
    Lady P

    Not only are the shoes too big for her, but the heel is also too chunky for that dress. Those platformed pumps makes her whole look a bit sloppy, and they also make her look heavier. Since she’s wearing that feathered dress or skirt (I can’t tell which), she should have worn either a non-platformed pump (at least), peep toed shoes, or a more delicately heeled sandal.

  4. Tiffany Avatar

    Its the shirt it look like the belongs in a Hawaii

  5. holla ho! Avatar
    holla ho!

    She looks boring. I like the pumps, just not with this fit.

  6. ChiChi Avatar

    That’s the first thing I thought about them shoes cuz I have big ass feet naturally. LOL

  7. haisyen Avatar

    uhh.. yeah..her look needs more ‘edge’ need less platform or change em altogether! Also her dress/skirt’s length needs to be shorter unless she would’ve done a flapper look..sigh..nice pieces together does not a nice outfit make..maybe next time..

  8. Gucci Avatar

    it’s not that bad except for those big ass shoes lmao what’s goin on with that

  9. Серёга Avatar

    Понравилась тема. В избранное. А то на работе делать нечего (;

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