From Ryan Leslie:

“I’ll never forget the day that I first played “Nothing” for my sister, Joy. She had stopped by my brownstone in Harlem and she immediately responded to the record by saying, “That’s a great summer song – I can already hear it playing in the Park.” Consistent with her premonition, I knew that I had to play that song live when the got the news from Ed Woods that this Summer Stage gig was confirmed.”

“Central Park is an amazing venue. There were more than 5,000 people who actually made it into the performance area and another few thousand that were turned away. On my way into the park, I stopped for a small group that had been denied access, just to reach out to them and let them know I appreciate their continued support. As I hit the stage, I noticed an especially excited cheering squad in the front row, and had the honor of catching up with them (Chantel, Makila, Ayeshia, and Treminka) after the show. They were kind enough to share their responses to the performance. Thank you all for expecting greatness from me. I give you my word that I will always give everything I can possibly give…and thank you Joy for speaking this into existence!”

Good Stuff Ryan. It is a blessing to have such a talented artist such as yourself to be apart of the music industry.

-Stay Fly!






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