Yesterday, Fly Reader Regit asked this good fashion question;

What is the best ways to pair that denim jacket? with jean or khaki?

How best 2 pair up a denim jacket?


Let the class begin.

First lets outline what NOT to do…

1. Denim Blazers are unacceptable, unless you just got out of Prison from serving 10 years or more.

2. Ed Hardy  (No explanation needed)

more after the jump…

3. Head to Toe denim is a Sin (excuse me while I touch the sky).

Unless your wake up in Coney Island on the Set of Little Vicious’s Sum Gal A Freak video, wipe yourself down and walk away.

4. Never EVER wear the Jeans that MATCH the Jacket at the same time.

Unless it’s your first day of Kindergarten.


1. Pair your denim jacket with jeans of a different color. Neutral Colors like Grey and Black work wonderful and polished for that I been doing this for a while look. Brighter Greens, Reds and Blue are a little daring and give off a Young , Fly and Flashy look.

2. I’m personally into Denim Jackets paired with Khaki.

It’s such a Classic look-goes from Day to Night with no sweat.

3. ladies, you have the World in front of you! Skirts, dresses, 3 quarter shirts paired with dope leggings…the list goes on…

The Denim Jacket is definitely a Fashion Staple, and every FLY person MUST have one.

Paired with a Great Watch and dope shoe, True Fly-ness will always be the result.

Follow these Rules and your FLY card remains intact.

-Stay FLY!

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