I was waiting for the train the other day-when POW! The Grim reaper showed up with his bag of tricks.

This dude is determined for me to meet my death in the train station! The attack is always HEAVY!

As if those sad little yellow gladiators were not enough to make me dizzy…the rest of the outfit gave me visions of baby Jesus frowning in the manger.

Do yourself a favor and hold on to something before you take a look.


It’s a Yellow, Flowery, Tube Toppy, Onesie.

*Check your pulse*

I couldn’t get the front because I’d kill all our readers. Love you guys too much for that.

I also didn’t snap her friends incredibly small pony tail, see-through shirt, Sequence Bra and matching rolls either.

I have some morals.


No not really.


-Stay FLY!

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