Uhhhhh…. what was C-Murder doing in prison all this time, if he just now got sentenced to life?

Bow Wow signs with Cash Money.

(cue crickets)

Is that not like going backwards?

I wonder how it feels to drop a video on 106th and Park and never see it again?

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Where’d Mariah’s voice go?

Are we over it?

-Stay FLY!





5 responses to “5 RANDOM THOUGHTS…”

  1. TKL Avatar

    sooo Cash Money is just handing out recording contracts to anyone now. First Omarion and now Bow Wow and speaking of Bow Wow I could of sworn he “retired” and was trying to focus on acting?

  2. dre Avatar

    I am so over ANTM……..Please give it a rest. Theres nothing new that can be done. Why is 106 and park still on????????? I guess

  3. FabGlance1 Avatar

    Yeah ANTM and American idol need to take a seat. I’m done.

  4. Sha Avatar

    I see Bow Wow’s game plan already!

    He’s gonna hang around the studio w/ his new Young Money fam. waiting to steal their unused rhymes out the trash (I’m sure Drake & Wayne’s reject lyrics are better than anything Bow Wow could come up with)!!! LOL

  5. blue_wavez2000 Avatar

    I agree ANTM needs to retire…has there ever been an actual “top model” to emerge from this show? the only one I remember is Eva Pigford and I barely see her anymore i guess her 15 mins are up.

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