Kim K. was spotted at the Kid’s Choice Awards recently and she looked amazing. Dam.

Your Thoughts?

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Katy Perry was shopping in Australia looking quite colorful. I actually dig it!

Britney also attended the TCA. Not sure about the hair but she looks good.

The shoes look a little sad though…SMH. We gotta do better.

Beyonce and Solange Knowles promoted the Samantha Thavasa & Disney Collection at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Monday in Japan. It amazes me how Solange looks older than her sis now. But I must admit, she looks beautiful!

Kristen Stewart needs more people. This would have been a dope look but the hair and tank made a crash landing.

Miley Cyrus has obviously been taking her vitamins. Looking good Miley! POW!

Fergie looks good in a multi-colored sequin look. Too many bracelets on one arm though…

Meagan Fox was in the building! A pretty dope look but again….the hair. Ugh.

Jordin Sparks has really stepped up her game lately. Love the look.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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  1. Kimmy looks absolutely fabulous!I already loved it when she debuted the blonde wig a few months back!

    I love love Katy and she looks dope!

    Britney does look pretty but she still cant figure that weave out!

    Bey looks beautiful,but I still cant dig the hair!Im all for the natural “I am not my hair” route..but just not in hollywood lets be real!

    I love twilight but I dont understand why kristin decided to go from her cutesy look to this grunged out one..not fly

    Miley looks good,Fergie looks good,megan always looks good and jordin as well!Love her new music!

  2. KimmyKub looks amazing as Always!
    Britney is slowly coming back into her own, and I agree the shoes are…-_- gottadobetteryou’rebritneyspears.
    Bey and Solo look stunning. Love the dress on bey and that skirt is killer on Solange.
    Kristen Stewart…*yawn*
    I love Miley. she looks great.
    Fergie is starting to remind me of somebody’s granny…
    I’m not feeling this look on Megan.
    And Jordin looks adorable! Is that the same dress lil mama had on for the premiere of ABDC? if so, Jordin does it way more justice.

  3. gorgeous girl but somethings just a lil off, i dunno what it is but gorgeous nontheless

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