Miss Dirty Money, Dawn and Ashanti was spotted at the G-Shock Event here in NYC featuring Kanye West. The homie Que was along for the ride also. I like these two together, I think they make a great couple. However…..

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The Fly Verdict is about Dawn’s Laced Mini…

There are couple of changes I would have made of course. Either way, Dawn is still beautiful to me.


g shock 060809

Sigh. I want that top thrown in the garbage pronto. Really Ashanti?? I guess she pulled up on the Red Carpet in her Harley…


What’s Your Verdict?

You know where to meet us…

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  1. Mush Avatar

    The both look like trash…Dawn has always been a mess…smh
    Over and Out

  2. blue Avatar

    I still can’t figure out wha the fascination is with this Dawn chick. Sorry I just don’t see it, I had to google to find out who she even is. Danity Kane…okay. And don’t bring me that google crap cuz I can be googled too…lol.

  3. sherry Avatar

    Dawn can sing! That is what the fascination is! Chick is Mad talented she can write and dance her ass off. She is a true talent!

  4. DR. SWAG-A-TON Avatar

    DAWN looks like a Porn Star with that dress on, I would ask her how much for 3 hours if I was there DAWN -fail-

    Ashanti Looks like an employee for coyote ugly, Ashanti -fail-


  5. Neice Avatar

    Dawn has an amazing voice, that’s what the hype is. Her style has it’s good days and it has it’s bad days. This is a bad day. The dress is just too revealing and looks like it should only be for she and Que’s bedroom and not a party. Then again, like we’ve seen with many other female artists who wear something sheer…it may not have been that bad in person, but if you have some cameras with crazy flash it’s almost like xray vision.

    I don’t wtf is going on with Ashanti though…she looks like an Around the Way Girl…a mess. Isn’t she pushing thirty? She needs to stop dressing like she’s 17.

  6. blue Avatar

    @sherry…okay, calm down. I was simply stating an opinion from pictures that I’ve seen. I’ve never listened to Danity Kane, nor do I plan to but if that is what you like that’s cool. It’s good to know in this day that she can actually sing, dance, and actually has talent…as you say. Like I said, I wouldn’t know, so thanks for the update…maybe I will seek out some of her stuff and see for myself. Honestly though, with the bits and pieces of Danity Kane that I have seen…really not up my alley.

  7. FlyerThanU Avatar

    blue… I swear I was the same way. Diddy + that Aubrey chick meant “NOT INTERESTED”, but somewhere along the way I learned about Dawn’s many talents (sangin’, daaaancin’, and writing music), and became a fan. That’s not a word I throw around, but the chick is fierce; She just hasn’t had her moment yet. Check out some of her music. It’s everywhere, including on her myspace at (oh yeah… she writes and illustrates her own comic book line too… *winks*)

  8. I'm Just Saying... Avatar
    I’m Just Saying…

    I can’t see Dawn’s beauty. She (and Wendy Williams) set off my Tranny-dar.

  9. blue Avatar

    mmm, thanks @FlyerThanU for the put on, but I’m not ashamed to say…I’m a 70’s baby, this kinda talent ain’t cuttin’ it for me. I came up on folks that could actually really sing. Not overly impressed with the myspace stuff, she’s all auto-tuned out man. You can’t hear HER talent too much if any because of the damn auto-tune. Hate that…Anyway, I did however like that GOD IS (FOR THE STRUGGLE) song, but still couldn’t really tell if at the beginning she was auto-tuned cuz it sounded like it. Love her art though, that was fab. I need more to fully judge.

  10. Sina Avatar

    lol @Im Just Saying!Wendy williams aint that bad!However I just cant get into dawn,although I do agree her voice is beautiful,she looks off and she is doing much too much with that dress!

    Heey Q!Ashanti look aite.

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