You got to PUSH!

The First time I’ve actually got into Ciara’s short do.

She looks quite beautiful.

You see Ciara is a beautiful young lady, She doesn’t require much make up. She does however, require a hairstyle that shapes her face. I guess they had to push until they got it right!

I’d still prefer long on CiCi….


I’m not a fan of one solid color, but…

Not Bad CiCi.

What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

[Thanks Necole!]

9 thoughts on “THE FLY VERDICT: CIARA

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  1. She looks good!I totally agree with Rae this is the first time ive liked the look on her but I still dont love it!
    And I think the all red works although a white pump or pants woulda looked nice

  2. She looks amazing. I’ve been loving the short cut on Ci since she decided to do it. I think its defiantly beginning to fit her more and more.

    And yeah…the all red is a bit…much. But, I’ll give her a pass since the hair and face are on point.

  3. I think it was on aol where they used this picture and made fun of her for looking bad. I was speechless because i thought she looked good.

  4. Her face and hair honestly look perfect. The top of the outfit was sweet…if the pants part..was actually a dress. Cici would be on point thru and thru

  5. I’m too busy LOLing at Gina’s singing that song on Martin to comment on this here blog. LMAOL

  6. Yeah you are right on point, Ciari fairs better with lenghth. Who needs to cut the do is Ms. LaLa! I am dying to see her wear a short choppy black do

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