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  1. How dare he come @ Sheree like dat..who da fuk is he? He is hired help and should’ve conducted himself as such…”who gon check me,boo?”-Sheree I live 4 Sheree!!!

  2. I don’t like to do much arguing…I would have just not did the even for her. or I would have punched her in the mouth and kept it moving…I really don’t do well with people screaming at me

  3. He’s a punk, Gay or not, he’s still a man, and he was coming at her like he was going to deck her, when it was him to blame in the 1st place! He lost his cool first, when a “client” was checking him about him not complying with what he previously promised. Get out of here, whoever hires him after seeing that is foolish. Bad business

  4. For those of you who are not familiar with the logistics of the way a “Reality Show” is filmed, let me explain something. What you see here is not uncommon. Production companies will ask for you to do things “at no cost to them” or “piggyback” on other events going on. They film tons of hours of footage and use what will grasp the audience attention. I too have been several positions where I had to pull rabbits out of hats for production companies, but I was no fool after the first one. Make sure you get in writing that they will not air anything detrimental to the future sucess of your company when doing free work.

  5. This is typical customer service in ATLANTA – every time I visit the ATL no matter where I go, customer service sucks. I hope this ruins anthony’s party planning career because his attitude & yelling is beyond unacceptable. Theres no excuse.

  6. This was absolutely fabulous. Just awesome. “Who gun check me boo?” It was all his fault. When someone hires you and is not clear on something I dont see the problem with refreshing their memory or updating them and helping them understand whats going on. Its not that big of a deal. He shouldnt have gotten such an attitude. ALSO, in response to JLSINT….Free or not, telling your client you are going to slap the shit out of them is unacceptable. And though the service is free, millions and millions of people see this. It is like free PR in exchange for the service. And if you dont want things detrimental to your career shown on national TV, then dont do an action that is detrimental to your career. That is just pure stupidity and he needs to take responsibility for the whole thing.

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