Ladies and Gents, please prepare yourself for the dopest duo ever to appear here on SFPL. You are not ready for what Soundwavve has in store for you. SFPL Approved!

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Itʼs late at night in the big city and this city really is a big one; some even say it never sleeps. As far as you can see, there are buildings scattered across the landscape littered with lights in some of the windows, hinting that everything but slumber is on the agenda tonight. It has many big buildings, but one building in particular is of interest to us. Inside of this building is a recording studio, and inside of this recording studio, two men are conversing with one another. One of the men is of a darker complexion with short hair and the other, almost a polar brother, has a lighter complexion and longer hair. The conversation is clearly interesting because the air is filled with laughter. Their lively movements give us a small window into their personalities; we deduce that theyʼre gregarious extroverts, they have to be. The chemistry between the two is obvious, they operate more like one mind than two separate entities. Combined, they are Soundwavve.

They continue to converse. The subject matter of the conversation is unorthodox, unconventional and outlandish, but, we discover that the subjects they discuss are seldom ordinary. Some of their conversations include lifeʼs mysteries, for example: is someoneʼs inner beauty determined by how much their parents loved one another at the moment of conception? “What does this have to do with anything?” we want to know, but Diamond— the man with the shorter hair— would tell us that this is how their music is made. Alex— the longer hair one, obviously— is sure to agree.

This way of thinking is what makes Soundwavveʼs components true artists. Their music is the expression of their curiosities through sound—a soundwave. They call their music “emo” or emotional, but the combination of fluent, expressive, intoxicating, charged beats mixed in with amusing and— sometimes—thought-provoking lyrics makes their genre hard to define. Their music is more like a moving rorschach ink blot, just when you think you know what it is, it turns out to be something else.

Their conversation ends, and they proceed to their instruments of choice. A short jam session ensues. Alex, a wizard with all things technological, fiddles with a customized multi-touch control panel that appears to have been stolen from the set of Star Trek. Meanwhile, Diamond gets in some drum practice. The instruments, computers and tools they use are optional, extraneous almost, because they donʼt need them. With their background in production, they can create a musical beat from anything; the contents of an average personʼs desk would be enough to create a beat thatʼs potent enough to persuade you to move your body.

Alex cooly slides his shades onto his face— itʼs rehearsal time. They run through their top three performance hits without missing a beat, this is clearly light-work. Their stage energy is high, even in rehearsal, they really are entertainers. Some impromptu dance moves sneak out in the form of… pelvic thrusts. “The music engulfs us. We donʼt just hear it, we experience it. If we could see the sounds, theyʼd be wrapping around our heads and entering our ear canal and fondling our eardrums.” -Soundwavve.

The set ends, itʼs time for a water break. We werenʼt ready for the set to end, it was too short. Alex and Diamond head over to their instruments and play the same songs they just performed, this time freestyling electronic effects and warping their beats creating a feeling of almost infinity, as if their music can really evolve and take any shape. The freestyle ends, its over. They pack up their equipment and head out. Itʼs even later at night, the city really never sleeps. Weʼre momentarily distracted. We lose track of them, we lose track of Soundwavve. Itʼs not a problem though, their dedication is obvious. Theyʼll be back tomorrow, and so will we.

-An Adrian Phillips Impression-

Check out a sample of Soundwavve’s latest new joint “Touch Me” below!

Soundwavve – Touch Me (The Clean Version)

“There’s no dirty version, we never did a dirty version, and there won’t be a dirty version. But if anybody has a dirty mind, they can imagine what she REALLY wanna do! lol.”  -Soundwavve

You will be hearing more of Soundwavve here on SFPL! Stay Tuned.

-Stay Fly!





  1. Erica Valcourt Avatar

    These guys are dope!! I Like the ‘Touch Me’ track.

  2. DonChee2828 Avatar

    This is too dope. Sounds like early N*E*R*D.

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