“America’s Best Dance Crew” is Back – Meet the Crews

This should be a pretty interesting season. The Fly Guys had the opportunity of attending the NY auditions. It was a pleasure watching NY represent in their dance art form. And now practically half of the crews in the show are from NY!

Special congrats to Vogue Evolution, Rhythm City, Massive Monkees, Fr3sh, Beat Ya Feet Kings & Artistry In Motion!

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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  1. i saw the clip of Vogue Evolution the other day. I LOVE THEM ALREADY. It’s cool the people and the form of dance is becoming way more diverse each season.

  2. oh yes i am soooo ready for this. my friend and i found out about voguing about 2 years ago and we fell in love with it so im gonna be GLUED to my tv. i wish them much success …work boysz!

  3. Well I think I’m scarred enough for the morning lol. Fast forward, Beat Your Feet Kings routine was something serious. I’m a sucker for sick footwork and rhythm to match it.

  4. Beet ya feet kings reppin for the DMV! Go-Go is about to get a national stage! Im siced (Regional Slang lol).

  5. that girl Hero is the business, and the fairies were great too…lol. Voguing has been around since like the 90’s, it’s just making another come back and there is a lot more throwing yourself on the floor, can’t lie though Vogue Evolution was pretty good.

  6. I luv this group and i think they are going to go FAR (winners circle) because they dont just do breakin’ they go beyond that!! they dance!!

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