No Bueno.

Clearly the style team took the day off, because this little hat is awful.

It’s just a No.

The tube top denim?


You already know we Luv Rih Rih, but we have to call a spade a spade.

That First Lady hat kills the entire Outfit (which barely made it as is…)

What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

10 thoughts on “THE FLY VERDICT: RIHANNA

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  1. She needs a shape up….and is she coming from a Bodega?? She looks like she’s in the Bronx.

  2. I like the shoes alone……..and I told ya’ll that hair-do takes ALOT of maintenence……

  3. Those Louboutins look proper but everything else….eh. The hat looks like a bunch of napkins on her head. As for the dress, I’ll just leave it alone. LONG LIVE LOUBOUTIN!

  4. You know I dont mind the outfit so much, its not “epic” and its very matchy-matchy, but I thought she looked cute. The hat was an added touch of whimsy. But upon further inspection it reminded me of that crap Chloe Senigny wore years ago, its like a doiley/cold compress bag. Plus with such a hard edge haircut, its hard to come off looking demure and soft, especially with that bakc headshot. This outfit reeks of Katy Perry’s doing!

  5. I actually think the outfit, including the hat, is cute. It’s different. I like how she mixed something rough (the denim) with the prim, ladylike hat. My only suggestion would have been a darker shoe so that the outfit wouldn’t look so matchy-matchy.

    Ya’ll need to be easier on the girl.

  6. Hate the hate,still hate the hair but other than that the outfit is fine!Either way she looks gorgeous in anything

  7. DO NOT INSULT KATY PERRY! PLEASE! that denim dress is horrid. it has no seeming and gives her no true shape. those shoes are demented. and that strip of african lace (i can say this cuz i got my own lace dress 😉 which is ‘supposed’ to be a bow is horrific…and don’t get me started on her hair…rihanna don’t got dat good good to even have it chopped that low…WELP! the end of rihanna has begun hehehe cuz she damn sure can’t sing.

    THE END.

  8. the hat…. no ma’am. she somehow still manages to look good. like the shoes and the dress isnt THAT bad.

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