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Do we really care about the engagement?


We barely believe it, But Where’s the Music? Myspace/Radio Killa wherever you are-Single Please?

Enough of the emphasis on EVERYTHING else (wig included) Promise was a DOPE single- that was totally unexpected for Ciara. Opened a lot of eyes…. What Happened? Should we not take it back to Crunk & B where you reigned Supreme? No?

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Your Sober Now.

Your out of Rehab.

Get on a Remix, soundtrack, Karaoke Machine, Block Party, Bar Mitzvah…Something! We are ready.

You’ve broken away from the Shackles!

Papa Knowles is out of the way!


Now what? New Team, maybe? This is almost like your debut since there are no visible obstacles.


Maybe you don’t sing anymore? Did I miss the Memo? You did go Multi Platinum out the gate…gotta have something to do that?

You still there?

*Deep Sigh*

-Stay FLY!

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