Do we really care about the engagement?


We barely believe it, But Where’s the Music? Myspace/Radio Killa wherever you are-Single Please?

Enough of the emphasis on EVERYTHING else (wig included) Promise was a DOPE single- that was totally unexpected for Ciara. Opened a lot of eyes…. What Happened? Should we not take it back to Crunk & B where you reigned Supreme? No?

More after the jump…

Your Sober Now.

Your out of Rehab.

Get on a Remix, soundtrack, Karaoke Machine, Block Party, Bar Mitzvah…Something! We are ready.

You’ve broken away from the Shackles!

Papa Knowles is out of the way!


Now what? New Team, maybe? This is almost like your debut since there are no visible obstacles.


Maybe you don’t sing anymore? Did I miss the Memo? You did go Multi Platinum out the gate…gotta have something to do that?

You still there?

*Deep Sigh*

-Stay FLY!






  1. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    LOL…agree with almost everything here esp Amy,
    can we get some new msuic dear far too talented an artist to waste away so glad she is back on track…however
    I have never liked any of Ciara’s material, I thought Promise was a very weak and irritating Prince imitation…..

  2. Cestmoijoley Avatar

    wait a min. why aint rihanna here…????

  3. beautifuldaidreamer is in serious need of some retail therapy Avatar
    beautifuldaidreamer is in serious need of some retail therapy


    Okay! She should have been #1. Queen of “Where’s the Music?”

    At least Ashanti is in a musical. That’s something. Oh and isn’t Kelly doing shows in Europe? That’s waaay more than what the Swag Princess is doin lol

  4. icon Avatar

    you didn’t your girl rih on here because?!?!?!

  5. MikeySAURUS Avatar

    OMG give Rhi Rhi some slack @beautiful, she is slowly making her way back on the scene. She just did a track with Kanye and Jay-Z I believe. So fallback, the Swag Princess is back on her way!

    And Amy…..YES PLEASE let us have it baby! We have been SO READY for her to recover, and now that she’s looking better I think its time for some new tracks from her.

    And Christina Milian………ugh disappear again.

  6. Cestmoijoley Avatar

    thanksz beautiful ..rihanna is clearly favored because of her style(-IST)..

  7. Manipooh Avatar

    um, rihanna? y’all been following her walking around with nothing to do with some hot and not so hot outfits but um “Where’s the music?” Not hating, she’s a gorgeous girl but way over rated.

  8. Chris Avatar

    Kelly is on the radio, here in Belgium at least, almost all the time so I’m not sure she really deserves to be in this post!

  9. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like

    LOL, I can only do 5 at a time and Rihanna is not in dire need like these women.

    LOL, really Guys? Rihanna has found her style, Niche, Sound and fanbase. With the exception of Amy, She will have no problems out selling all of theses women in her first week. However, I personally WANT Kelly to Smash! I WANT to see Christina and Ciara to step into their own! I think Ciara, Kelly, Ashanti and Christina have the potential to be a lot bigger if the have the RIGHT team behind them. Let’s call a spade a Spade without a team and the right decision makers… Rihanna would be struggling too… Cause wasn’t nobody checking for her rolling around on the beach in baggy jeans and a curly lacefront.

  10. Samantha R.B Avatar
    Samantha R.B

    Yes, leave Kelly alone! And if Christina M never recorded another song, I don’t suppose the music industry would miss much.

  11. Misty Knight Push The Button Avatar

    Yeah I think most folks are tired of seeing Rihanna doing everything but singing, thats why her name needs to be here. Lots of folks go on hiatus between songs, but we don’t see all these “candids” of them every damn day. Famous people know how to dissapear, some just dont want to. Apparently Rihanna is the latter. Or she just happens to have the busiest lunch and dinner scheduele known to man!

    And if Kelly Rowland is up there, you Most Def need to have Cassie on this list, at least Kelly got a #1 hit (even if it is in Europe) and a show, you know…. visible “employment”. What does Cassie have? I’ll tell you what.. a cold scalp, hump time with Diddy, and some leaked singles.
    And Ciara needs a miracle and a prayer line, that girl is lost.

  12. Neice Avatar

    How you gon throw some shade Kelly’s way who has singles and who is like close to Bey status in Europe and not put Rihanna? She ain’t doing no music besides that feature with `Ye and Hov. Not cool, Fly Guys…Not cool. I’m not hating on the girl, because I love Rih, but you gotta throw shade the right away. Her and Cassie both belong on the list.

  13. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like


    We love Kelly, don’t get it twisted. However, she sold one album in here in America. I could care less who sells what in Europe.

    There’s an entire list on the way. Stick to the ladies on this list please. We will discuss the others when they arrive on their respective list. Sheeeesh. Lol

  14. Septembre Avatar

    I’m with MikeySAURUS Misty Knight and Rae.

    Leave Rihanna alone. The girl has been working. She has the “busiest lunch and dinner schedule” because she is in the process of recording hence the track with Jay-Z and Kanye.

    And don’t be mad cause you wish you had her style AND stylist (I know I wish I could borrow Mariel Haenn sometimes). Even if her stylist puts together every outfit that style is clearly Rihanna’s hence the way she rocks the he!! out of her clothes and embodies the look.

    And Cassie needs to be on this list way more than Rihanna does.

  15. Cestmoijoley Avatar

    oh no honey i have my own style. and its FAB. Its great that YOU wish you had her stylist, but thats you. I think some of the commenters are just saying that they want to hear some music ..some of her own music. Shes a singer, isnt she?

    Shes favored is all. And atleast cassie has music out. She just need R-les back.

  16. CGM Avatar

    Rihanna??? WOW! Rih released singles from good girl gone bad for more than a year! And she might be a boring performer but that was a great album. And she’s everywhere!!!! Don’t let this fashion stuff get you twisted…Rih will be fine when her album comes out.

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