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Ashton & Demi Moore graced the premiere of Streak at L.A. Shorts Fest ’09 in West Hollywood Friday night.

Love this couple…so I will ignore Demi’s dress for the moment. Maybe she had a bad day. We all have those.

Your Thoughts?

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Angelina & little Maddox were spotted in London at the airport. Little Maddox looks as if he was fixing his pants, while smiling with his eyes. Get ’em Maddox!

I am kinda digging Angelina’s looks in this pic also. Very relaxed and laid back with a little swagger.


As Lindsay Lohan made her own milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood, but her hair is giving me “Something About Mary”…cameron_diaz_something_about_mary

Lindsay, you just made my day. LMAO.


POW!!! Fergie serves it up in the streets of LA! Love this look. Kudos Fergie!


Jordin Sparks was spotted with her dog out and about promoting her new album.

Very cute. Congrats on the new album Jordin!


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