Lil Kim

While we were celebrating my Bday in NYC. Lil’ Kim was celebrating hers in Miami.

I’m telling you, something about her face looks better.

Can’t put my hand on it…*looks for old photos*

Lisa Raye and the Diamond Princess Trina came through…

Hmmmmm, Trina & Kim collabo? Maybe. Sorta. Kinda?

They both need a hit. That’s for sure.

Lisa RayeTrinaKimmy

-Stay FLY!





7 responses to “B-DAY…”

  1. The Lioness Avatar

    I agree. She does look a LOT better in this pic. Did she lose some weight? I feel like there’s more angles to her face in this pic and her cheekbones are more prominent. Or maybe she just found a really good camera angle.

  2. dcflychick Avatar

    yeah the plastic surgery has been modified slightly and has finally healed/settled and looks good and dare i say it, natural. same with madonna and auntie viv, it takes about a year before the results look the way they are supposed to and not like you’ve been worked on. viv, madonna and lil kim have never looked better, maybe they all use the same plastic surgeon, LOL

  3. dcflychick Avatar

    oh and kim finally got with a real makeup artist

  4. The Lioness Avatar

    Hmm. I see what you are saying. And can I just say that her skin looks great in this pic. She needs to send that new makeup artist my way.

  5. blue Avatar

    I agree, she needs to keep doing whatever it is she’s doing.

  6. MadPet Avatar

    I say she finally found a good makeup artists.

  7. MikeySAURUS Avatar

    Yes its like something miraculous happened to her face overnight! Queen Bee looks DAMN good in this, compared to some of her older snap shots. Good for her! Whatever she’s doing she needs to stay consist with it.

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