When Cassie first debut her half-shaved head, it has caused quite a controversy. Although, she was not the first to do it. But since the focus is on Cassie right now and what she will deliver as an album with Bad Boy, people paid more attention.

Now, we all know that this is nothing new. Honestly, it has been going on for years as you can see in the pic above.

We wanna know your take on the series of shaved heads…

It Is Swagger Jacking? (or) Is It A Form of Self-Expression not Copycat?

Your Thoughts?

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Add yours

  1. It’s not swagga jackin..and it’s def not self expression.. it’s just a bunch of people trying to jump on the 80’s/90’s trendwagon.. everything else from that era came it’s hair.

  2. That’s how Fashion works, and I’ve accepted it. Matter of fact, that’s how our society works. You put on the TV, and a Sonic’s commercial comes on. After that commercial finish, you’re hungry now. As a kid, you’ve seen certain sneaker commercials, and you just had to get them because of how fly and popular they would be. Media starts it, and popularity finish it. Now media is starting to evolve with social networking. Myspace, facebook, twitter, and blogging. In the past it had numerous markets, but now it’s worldwide.

    Kanye writes how he’s going to start this hairstyle and post up a picture. His followers are feeling it. Another celeb decides to follow suit, and the bloggers follow it. Don’t forget that this being talked about on numerous social networks as well. He goes on tv with his hairstyle, and the media talks about it. Some of the viewers feeling the hairstyle now and wants to follow now. Rinse, cycle, and repeat.

  3. You know how many girls had the Salt N Pepa back in the days? Just by watching Yo MTV raps and other media outlets back in the day. 2009, same shit.

  4. It’s not swagger jacking (that’s taking it too serious) and it’s not self-expression (that’s taking it too far). It’s just expression, you like what you saw and interpreted it.

    “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.” – Chuck Palahnuik (Invisible Monsters)

    Everything is a product of it’s environment. The way you talk the way you dress, it’s almost impossible to not be influenced.

  5. It’s defiantly not swagger jackin, it’s just a trend. But the thing is, not pointing at a specific person, but when a pic of Cassie is posted with her shaved head some people get in some lame uproar about it. Because people don’t like Cassie as much as they like say Rihanna. They praise her and she becomes queen of the hairstyles which she isn’t.

    Let’s be real, dykes, cancer patients, and ghetto hoodrats have been rocking the shaved style longer than any of these people have been alive. I’m over it all already. I know women who’ve been wearing this style before it became such a Media cry for attention, but are now changing because they don’t want to be labeled with these same women because people think they’re jockin’ or simply want attention. It’s pitiful.

  6. dude whatever happened to ‘ORIGINALITY’ hell yeah its ‘SWAGGER JACKING’ it looks like a bunch of mannequins made in the same factor….NO ONE STANDS OUT ANYMORE!

  7. I would say since sooo many people are doing it currently that it’s a bit copy cat like. I know that when I see a trend that so many people go towards I tend to stay away from it.

  8. not swagger jacking if it’s 20 years later…just the circle that is called fashion throwback…and cassie is just wack. fantasia’s is cute cause the lengths are reasonable.

  9. it’s a swagger-jacking hairdo that hasn’t been edgy or original since Salt-N-Pepa first did it. My mom rocked this ‘do back in 89!

  10. If you watch the trailor of the Chris Rock hair documentary coming out, Pep says that she burnt her hair perming it and that is where the style came from… No lie, it started to come out in her hand or something like that. Then she rocked that style. Imagine, they stumbled on to a style everybody it trying to rock today, some succeed, some don’t.

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