So we hear that Diddy made an impromptu stop through Central Park this past weekend. We just missed them, as the Fly Guys and crew were sippin’ on Unlimited Sangrias via Calle Ocho across the street. Maybe next time Diddy!

In tow, was Dirty Money and Cassie along for the ride.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!


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  1. First off to the above comment get a P.Diddy! (ciroq/pink lemonade). I love Dawn’s glasses Fly chicka! The tracks on this album sound good..a different vibe for me…seems like Mr. Diddy is exploring his creative side with this Last Train to Paris Album…I expect that it will be big!

  2. @erika…I agree. Uh…yeah…so who gives a f***…lol. Everybody up here talking about avatars and sangria. Too funny, yeah…nobody cares.

  3. you know your album is hot when you got cassie and dawn richards dancing to your music!! can’t wait to hear the whole thing!!

  4. 1. Diddy…please stop.
    2.Cassie looks lost as always, but I still love her
    3. Dawn… -_-
    4. I’m going to need the hairstylists over at BadBoy to stop playing these shenanigans with their artist’s hair…because it’s starting to get on my nerves.

  5. Damn where did Puff get a doorless jeep from Jurassic Park?!?!?! Have to admit that this was a pretty cool marketing promotion! It shows that Diddy still cares about bringing his music to the people and us his fans! Good look Diddy can’t wait for the album!

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