Please give a B-Day shout out to one of the Fly-est, Rae Holliday!!! The blog would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for this guy!

I have truly been blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life. Rae has made such a major impact on me and everyone around him (*insert tear*). Please help me show some B-Day love to Mr. Rae Holliday!!!

Make sure you join us to celebrate one of the biggest events ever!

Make sure to join the FLY Guys as we Shut NYC down on Thursday July 23rd.

@ Club GLASS

287 1oth Avenue @ 26th Street, NYC


Free Patron Shots from 7-8

$6 Well Drinks!


Let’s Get It!

-Stay FLY!


Add yours

    Have too much fun and make sure you capture those moments on camera!especially from the party since Im not in NY πŸ™ No fun.

  2. I appreciate all the LOVE Really I do. I really never Imagined SFPL becoming this BIG, it’s really a dream come true.

    I appreciate you all and sincerely want you all at the Party!


  3. Wow you guys are into fashion but that invite card does not display that. I mean that the girl is wearing is TACKY couldn’t you have picked a better picture of a woman who knows how to dress? Tacky invite card but I hope you guys have a great party

  4. @Sharon: What’s the link for your blog? I want to make sure that when your close friends and readers are showing you mad love for your birthday in your blog, I will write how lame your layout is. That’s mad immature, right? Or was it because I said my piece but wished you have a great party so it pans out?

    Pardon my lateness Rae, but Happy Birthday bruh.

  5. $in

    No that isn’t mean. If you came to my blog and you wanted to write how lame my layout it is that would be fine with me. I wouldn’t be hurt by it and would not think it is immature. You have your opinion and I just wanted to share mine because I thought the invite card was tacky and thought they could do better than that. Isn’t that what is beautiful about America? I still mean it… have a great party!

  6. Sharon, I’m not knocking you for your opinion, but the timing of it. The point of this thread was to wish one of SFPL creator’s birthday and nothing more. What you did matches the female in that flyer, and that’s tacky. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you about the female, but I doubt Rae or Gabe handpicked dozen of girls and then chose her. You feel me? One Love Sharon.

  7. Thanks Sin & Sharon,

    We actually didn’t design the flyer at all. We however, greatly appreciate the individuals who did. Thank You Much. We are humbled at anything anyone does for us-that’s how we roll. Could be a stick man for all I care, LOL- I would have never Though SFPL we get so Big so Fast. Thanks for all the support and there is so much more to come!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I hope to see all of you tonight!

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