The Fly Guys (here with Mrs Briana Bigham) were on deck for the The NAACP Youth & College Division first annual Runway to the Future. Hosted By Briana Bigham of BET Reality Series “Harlem Heights” & Jerome Lamaar Fortez.

Designs include B Marie Style by Briana Bigham of Harlem heights, Funk’n Beautifulby Terrie Stevens of Project Runway, Byron Lars’ Beauty Mark, Shades of Grey, Durant by Robert Durant, Shehaai U.S.A, Fames Allure Clothing, Autumn Adeigbo’s Color Culture Conscience, Educated Negro, Human Intonations, DeenScene, and more.

For the first run, it was a good one. The atmosphere was quite festive and once the DJ stopped trying to get me to swag surf-I was good.

Pics from the Runway coming up…

-Stay FLY!

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  1. Briana good job with the Fashion Show. Harlem Heights represented well for the NAACP convention. My speech went well there on Sunday and you did your thing with the fashion show

  2. I LOVED THE SHOW…All the designers were hot, but that Fame’s Allure group stood out, especially b/c of their intro, The host were great as well. the show was great overall!!! loved it

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