The Scene was a Monster.

I didn’t really know what to expect. I heard the music before I turned the Corner. I saw the line. I saw the space.

The invite said a few things were going on; photo’s taken by Celebrity Photographers Peter Ross & Justin Jay, some food, some Cocktails. I was in.

Still wasn’t prepared for the mayhem that awaited me on the other side of the velvet rope. Wall to Wall Fly People-DJ Cassidy was Rockin, The Diddy was in hand (a little Ciroc, infused with Lemonade and Sobe Life Water ) need I say a good time was on deck. The Kool kids were definitely in the building.

Let me not leave out that the SoBe Lizard (Mascot) was going IN on the dance floor.

I’d say Sobe Fridays, is the new black.

Meet us there… 🙂

-Stay FLY!

[Photo’s; Vincent Bradshaw]

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