Although I’m so annoyed that the label is dragging out this project!

Hullo? ( In Bruno Voice)

#1 Album in the Country, first week, can we get some speed behind these new releases?


Here’s the New Video for What you do feat. Ne-Yo

-Stay FLY!





8 responses to “TEAM CHRISETTE!”

  1. beautifuldaidreamer is in serious need of some retail therapy Avatar
    beautifuldaidreamer is in serious need of some retail therapy

    Love this song. The video…eh. Def Jam sucks. I’m sick of liquor shots. I don’t care bout no damn Nuvo. Chrisette looks fab as usual though. One day folks will really take notice and give this chick the props she deserves.

  2. Sina Avatar

    ^^Haha I know right!Nuvo is takin over!

    But yeah I wasnt really able to grasp her on her first album outside of “Be Ok” and I didnt like her first single with drake in the vid..but this is ok,nice and chill sunday stroll music.And shes cute!The short hair really works with her face

  3. D.Battle Avatar

    First, I love me some Chrisette. First album is one of the best. Now, why am i just seeing this vid?
    Second, I love me some Nuvo. A lil’ apple juice and rum equals greatness.
    All her songs are wonderful…I heart Ms. Michele

  4. Sean Fitz Avatar
    Sean Fitz

    I love you Chrisette… Such a breath of fresh air to the music industry…

  5. CoCoa Vixen Avatar

    I love Chrisette too, her first cd is still in heavy rotation in my car as is her second cd, I heard her sing live before and her voice is the truth!!!Sounds better than on the cd, now how many artist out today can we say that about?

  6. blue Avatar

    I love Chrisettte. I like both videos, but my guy Derwin is in this video…I love Derwin…lol. Like his name is really Derwin…to me 🙂

  7. ebony Avatar

    I love Chrisette! she is a fly chick w/ major talent…aint nobody doing what she is right now!!!!

  8. chi Avatar

    chrisette gets 2 thumbs up and five stars.. she is good

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