I couldn’t help but noticed how wonderful Janet looked at Mike’s Funeral.

I’ve always been a Janet Stan, I can already sense how incredible the next album/tour will be.

As much as I LOVE Bey, can we be easy with the recession friendly videos. I don’t need a Hype Williams video but please with the Green Screen already…


We couldn’t do better than this-Madame Tussauds of London? This figure only makes me think of Tommy Davidson’s In Living Color skit-when he went off…

more after the jump…

I’m just sayin’….

Has anyone EVER seen his Parent’s?

So Mario is convinced that this bald head thing is a good idea?

-Stay FLY!

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  1. Mario looks like a permanent feature at a Star Trek convention… His head shape is too out there for me and for him to be bald and look okay

    Soulja Boy’s parents?? I saw his mom on a YouTube video once but that is about it…

  2. Funny, I knew it wasnt the time or the place but I kept saying Janet looks great!

    I really wish Bey would leave the green screen alone—Sweet Dreams could have been so much more!

    I’m convinced that SB doesnt have parents-who like are around.

  3. Dam I agree with everything. Don’t worry about Michael though he has 5 other wax figures in there.

    Gucci’s stock must be crashing with the amount of vandalism Soulja Boy’s coonery does to it’s prestigious image. & SERIOUSLY where the fuck are his parents. I’m still trying to find the end of Mario’s forehead. Between him and Ne-yo….lord have mercy!

  4. Do people do videos that tell a story anymore or one that expresses a diff take on the song???…I agree Sweet Dreams coulda been a lil lot more..
    Janet did look nice
    Soulja bama SMH

  5. I can get with the bald head, I mean maybe his hair is thinning at the top. It happens!! I get mad when I see young men with thinning hair that refuse to cut the shit off and let it go. Men with thinning hair and braids really urks me!! Just let it go!!! You cant walk around with a hat on for the rest of your life!! Do you think hair plugs wouldve been better?

  6. Apparently, all of the Jackson family was styled by Donatella Versace. Michael was a loyal customer of the legendary fashion house, and Donatella styled them all – and they all looked fab.

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