Skateboard P was snapped at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London, England.

P has on some pretty interesting boots.

I’m guessing there were horses around?

I will say that Pharrell can’t do much wrong to me. I used to say that about Kanye until he showed up with that rat tail and wouldn’t let it go. Smh.

The boots don’t bother me much. I did *blank stare* at first but ehhhhhhh, I’ve seen worse.

What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

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11 responses to “THE FLY VERDICT: PHARRELL…”

  1. J. Carter Avatar

    LEGEND of BAGGER VANCE.. LMAo.. but i diggs it a lil.. he can pull i off but this dont need to become no TRENDiNG TOPiC.. LMAo or OUTFiT!! love the site guys..

  2. Gucci Avatar

    Pharrell is an undeniable trend setter. He basically created the man bag, skinny jean, and nerd glasses trends. Now he’s back with this look. Dude got style…Personally I wouldn’t be rockin’ these but watch people try to copy the swagg champion!

  3. Neice Avatar

    Hm…I have to disagree there are many times I would say Pharrell can do no wrong with fashion…but these boots are a no-go. I’m sorry man…but no. JUST NO. I don’t care if he’s Pharrell them boots are not the business, everything is good from the knee up.

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  5. Nat Avatar

    if you are gonna wear those boots you best have a horse connected to a harness. Those are not fashion ..those boots serves a function.

    You dont see mofos wearing those spiked shoes they use to climb telephone poles just because …

  6. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    dude does not do it for me on any level, fashion and or otherwise…….

  7. gianni Avatar

    I just adore Pharrell Williams, my heart beats for him. This pair of boots look a little bit off though, but hell! he can pull it off!

    Van Cleef Honeycomb

  8. Bryan Avatar

    The boots are actually pretty dope, it’s how he tried to throw it together that makes it look off. The boots look aged he should have played off of that

  9. Nicole' Avatar

    Ya know… he actually looks quite dapper with it. We all know he’s a style trend setter…

    If only he didn’t have the mustache and hat, he wouldn’t be giving off the Sherlock Holmes effect.

    However still, he is Skateboy P. He wears what he wants and he knows what he is going for.

  10. Maya Avatar

    I love P’s style almost all of the time, but he’s too short for these boots!!! Dude is 5’7 tops. Not a fly look on him. He’s not looking so fresh or so clean either, although i like the jacket & hat. He looks like he rolled outta bed w/o showering.

  11. JJ Avatar

    well….i love the jacket-lol. but for real, the boots are dope. i just dont know if with that ensemble. and maybe the boots can be a lil shorter?? but he rocked it.

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