Sean John Fall/Holiday 09 Campaign!

Here is a Sneak Peek of Sean John’s new Fall/Holiday ’09 clothing line.

I have to admit, These are indeed some very Fly pieces. Good looks Diddy & Sean John Team.

These pieces better be in the stores or you will be hearing from us!

More looks after the jump….

We see you Justin!

Need to see more of the Women’s line…

Your Thoughts?


-Stay Fly!





3 responses to “Sean John Fall/Holiday 09 Campaign!”

  1. Men's Fashion Deals Avatar

    I love the all white look for summer. I guess it helps being a celebrity, however, as you can get away with a lot more.

  2. GOLDIE Avatar

    I love it. the mens line I mean. sadly, unless I was the designer of course, I don’t think any urban wear label can do womens well. Far too juvenile and flashy for the women. But I do love the mens line.

  3. Fausto Angerman Avatar

    NACHOS are always good because although you don’t "make" them, you could make tons of toppings to go on them such as homemade salsa, homemade melted cheese with jalapenos, maybe some hot sauce or so other flavorings. You can serve Turkey meat, hamburger meat, tons of veggies that you can cut up…uuummmm..chili you can make. there are so many options. Same with hot dogs, just make tons of toppings, or even baked potatoes are a good one too. WHO doesn’t love nachos, hot dogs or baked potatoes. At least it will cover meat lovers and vegetarians a like. Good luck on the fund raiser, BTW what are you raising the funds for?

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