Where’s the Music?

Sex may sell Magazines-but sex does not Sell ALBUMS. Some of the sexiest Artist of our generation go double wood straight out of the gate! WHY? Aside, from folks just not buying Albums like they used to-when WE do buy albums, its more then likely based on GOOD MUSIC.

So seeing this spread of the Dream and Christina Milian make me go….ooohhhhh K. I mean are we really that desperate for attention? Did Ciara not prove that a Sexy Cover or Spread= No boost in album sales?

You can pimp yourselves all you want.

If you can’t hold a good note, over a good melody all your efforts are in vain.

Am I alone?

-Stay FLY!





11 responses to “THE FLY DISCUSSION…”

  1. CGM Avatar

    Dream is so unsexy…he looks like a butch lesbian. Milian looks desperate…nothing hot about these pics at all.

  2. Gucci Avatar

    Ok in Ciara’s defense, the magazine photoshopped what she was wearing so she looked naked. That’s first and foremost. Look into it if you don’t believe me.

    HOWEVER, Mrs. bust it baby Christina Millian and the hamburglar Dream need to sit down. I feel like it’s more of a cry of attention than anything.

  3. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like

    I do remember the Ciara debacle, and the war between her and Vibe over the cover. At the end of the day her Album sales were not sky high-that’s my point-people should learn from that-and keep their clothes on and concentrate on the music.

    Christina is a beautiful girl, and these pics are quite appealing if I were looking for a pin up girl.

  4. mzsuzuki Avatar

    @CGM – Dream = butch lesbian…well now that you mention it. I will never be able to look at him the same.

    Everytime I see these two together, I get the feeling that she is still trying to do things to get NIck back? I do also get that desperate feeling.

  5. blue Avatar

    it really is so sad and I think the same thing…like she needs attention…Nick’s attention? Sometimes I think that too. But seriously she is too cute to be doing all this. She’s hot, from dip it low, she was hot.

  6. Sina Avatar

    HA!That was my laugh of thr morning thanks CGM!!
    Christina doll you are so pretty,too pretty to be frying your hair,getting engaged to a waay lower leaguer and becoming a publicity whore..and for what album sales?You just dont sell hun stick to acting!

    If they had shirts on that first pic woulda been so fly!but the second one..EEK wtf is the dreams face doing and she looks like a vegas prostitute!

  7. Aura Avatar

    Christina Milian and The Dream need to quit. Just stop!

  8. Aura Avatar

    And was the hairy armpit shot necessary?

  9. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    I FULLY agree Rae, matter fact here is a quote from George Micahel, loves him…..

    “As the history of popular music develops, one fact shines through: talent wins. You can’t cheat and survive for any length of time. You can’t hype and fool people more than once. You can’t hide behind image makers, or alluring videos, or the cut of this season’s clothes. Or you can – but then you die. To survive you must evolve, improve, have faith, still thrill. Longevity depends on making the best music.”

    and there it is ……snap snap. crackle and pop!!!!

  10. JJ Avatar


  11. MikeySAURUS Avatar

    Okay can we say gross? The Dream is too chubby and needs a shirt on Christina needs to wear clothes…being a skank is not going to help her on her come back. GET OUTTA HERE!

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