Don’t cal it a come back.

We won’t.

Timberland Boots were a fashion staple at one point in this here fashion game. They went hand in hand with white on white AF1’s. The Timbs Completed your Winter look and the AF1’s completed your summer look. History tends to repeat itself, and with a trendsetting Kanye West stepping out in a crispy pair of Construction Timbs at the 2009 BET Awards, we are ready for the frenzy to Begin.

We-however, will not be participating.

We’ve buried the construction timb, right next to the white/white AF1. Gonna take more than Kanye to get us in a pair.

What’s your verdict?


-Stay FLY!





12 responses to “THE FLY DISCUSSION…”

  1. DONTE BATTLE Avatar

    I would cop a pair and stash em’, but I don’t think I can go back to Timbs. Nike boots are so comfortable and there are so so many different alternatives than the construction look. I’m going to have to say no beuno, especially in the summer time.

  2. Gucci Avatar

    uhg!! stop the insanity! What the hell was Kanye thinking. There is nothing worst than people who wear Timberlands IN THE SUMMER. FAIL.

    I’ve seen people in their Tims pop up here and there and I was ALMOST tempted to give in last winter but I’m not paying 150 for something that was not even that hot to begin with. NO M’am! Lmao and yes, all white AF1s need to die a horrible death.

  3. RICHIE..$..rob Avatar

    Waddup FLi society,rae long time no hear from famm..LOL ..i never understood why people wore timbs in the summer time espically here in cali,IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE. dont get me wrong ye and wayne rocked them hard @ the awards but ummm its to hot out here (cali) to be wearing some fuckN timbs.i still like the shoes but i havent had any for a while now that i doubt id cop some more. as for AF1s i wouldnever pic up a pair EVER again..

  4. Marty Avatar

    Ayo- I gave up Timbo’s 8 years ago. I was through with them when folks started wearing them with throwback Jerseys. Shame on anyone who looks for Kanye’s approval to wear something.

  5. Don Avatar

    Anyone who complains about Timbs being “too hot” for the summer should wear exclusively cargo pants in hot weather instead of jeans… after all denim is a hot fabric, no?

  6. Gucci Avatar

    Don that made no sense. Timberlands are meant to be worn in the winter….when it’s snowing. Not in 85 degree weather. It’s like wearing a winter jacket on your feet lol.

  7. Blue Avatar

    I LOVE Timbs :). I’ve been looking to replace a pair a couple years back. The flip top army green ones with the nubuck bottoms. I bought them in a boys size 6.5 or something cuz they fit AND were obviously cheaper. Nuthin’ wrong with ballin’ on a budget…lol. Oh well, perhaps that’s why I can’t find them. So sorry if you find this unfly…lol. You guys just brought me back with that one, from the post I know you weren’t trying to though :).

  8. swaggirlchee Avatar

    ok ok ok… so i dont know if its the Harlem in me… or the “round the way girl’ swag… but i LOVE a fresh pair of tims… im sorry love them more than them damn nike boots!!! i think Ye was fly in his suede bomber n tims!!! its a certain swag u have to carry with tims and Ye nails it…. and im a stylista so i can detect style from a mile away… and tims are always in style… sorry rae- i have to disagree with you on this one Sir 🙂

  9. $in Avatar

    I’m with swaggirlchee on this one, but I don’t co-sign rocking them in the summer.

  10. Don Avatar

    @ Gucci: No, they’re made to be worn while doing manual labor. Hence the name construction boots. Just like jeans were made to be worn while doing mining, carpenter work (carpenter jeans) and stuff around farms; general messy work. If anything, jeans and timbs are made for each other.

  11. DRP Avatar

    Man whatever, Timbs & AF1’s are both classic footwear. There is a difference between a classic & a trend. But don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t rock Timbs with shorts ever again. But I see nothing wrong with how Kanye & Wayne rocked them at the BET awards. As for AF1’s, the new A.R.C editions are extremely fresh. Classic is an always better option than trendy!

  12. Gucci Avatar

    I don’t know why so many feelings are hurt by this post but DRP there is a difference between classic and simply out of style lol. If you still rockin’ AF1 something is wrong with you. And anyone who wears carpenter jeans period is clearly out of touch with reality so I don’t know why we are comparing Timberlands to jeans. As far as I’m concerned Timberlands=winter and just like I wouldn’t rock a winter coat on the red carpet in the summer, I wouldn’t rock Timberlands point blank, period. And Kanye has mad swagg so he should know better. I’m done. NEXT!!

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