Introducing Sasha Fierce for Dereon.

Now, Don’t all applaud at once


Tina says they were going for an edgier and trendier look to go with the Sasha Fierce attitude.  The clothing ranges from $25-$75 and the President of Dereon’s parent company says they have had much success with the graphic tees with sayings from the Sasha Fierce era.  A description of the line:

The jewelry, shoes and eyewear, she added, “are really over the top” with large chains made in mixed metals such as silver with gold, heavily studded shoes and oversizesunglasses such as the ones Beyoncé has been seen wearing on tour. The clothes are a little more subdued to make the accessories stand out — a one-shoulder dress, black bodysuit, fake leather jacket with oversize collar, leggings and destructed jeans with mesh and lace details lining the ripped material.

Just what the World needs! More Of Tina’s Fashion(s)!

Kill me now.

-Stay FLY!


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  1. I’m scared. Do we really need a clothing line for Sasha Fierce when unofficially girls can get Sasha Fierce-esque clothing from their local Mandees, Afaze, Macy’s Junior’s department, etc?

  2. hahaha Rae: KILL ME NOW.
    Do we really need people to invest more into an obviously fashion-starved clothing company? House of Dereon is a complete joke. I feel like it has always had a Nelly’s Apple Bottom feel to it since its inception. Now it wants to revamp itself and called it Sasha Fierce. Looks more like regurgitation than revamping.

  3. Ive told you guys how I feel about Tina’s tackiness, and her even tackier designs. In Macy’s the clearance items look more expensive than Dereon’s .

    ****Side note*** Please tell Beyonce or whoever to stop making those “Put a ring on it” shirts !!! They make me want to vom*t!!

  4. this is one arena Beyonce and Mama Tina, should stay away from, I mean we all remember the early Destiny’s Child days right, point made, lol.

  5. All I have to say is good lawd do we remember the Destiny’s Child days… Those cotraptions which I won’t even call dresses were horrible and totally speak to that traditional big bar hair, over the top tack head ballgown thing the do down south, they love that ish. A little Houston or Dallas Texas for y’all courtesy of Bey and her mama. Geesh, and Rae you slay me…that “kill me now” was just as good as your “drag me to hell” or whatever it is that you say. I hope I got it right…lol.

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