There would be no Red Carpet without Fly-Lights! You know how we do-here’s what we thought about the 2009 BET Awards Red Carpet Arrivals. Please feel free to chime in…

Rae: Channeling her inner Michael I see. The Hair bothers me, I think they went back to 2003 and snatched that wig off the set of Crazy in Love, it’s a lil dusty.

Gabe: Frail, Frizzled, Fried, Dyed and Laid to the side is what I call that wig. Although, the fit is not that bad but you need more people with the hair Bey. Sheesh.

Rae: So Amber and Amerie show up in the same dress and Amber really FILLS hers Out. NICE. Ye’ is Giving me Forever My Lady right here.

Gabe: Amber was most definitely one thing that had Amerie trippin’! She looked stunning. Kanye, you got me with the timbs homie. We are mourning over MJ’s death also but you went too far.

R: I love Alicia. She looks beautiful. AND those LEGS! YES!

G: Whoa. Good looks Alicia!

Tons more after the jump…

R: Tiger Woods and Shaquana on DECK!

G: So, did her fit come out of Forever 21? From the knee and up everything is tragic. Again, Ne-Yo puts me to sleep. His fits are always BLAH.

R: Steve Harvey will always be in business. G, please let the skin fade GO…

G: Ginuwine, you just added 10 years to your life homie. You look like a deacon. Sigh.

R: As much as I detest Ray J he looks sharp. He’s eating good too…

G: That’s just Brandy’s brother. *walks away*

R: Cassie looks sexy, I don’t really like the top of the dress- and the shoe is not that flattering-and she still looks like the last of the Mohicans with that hair. But she is sexy…

G: Cassie is very sexy but this look….Eh. Two unflattering pieces kills the fit. There is something sexy about it though…

R: This is disturbing.

G: Oh, Mc Lyte. SMDH. I guess Zorro was 5 feet behind her.

R: Uh Somethings wrong. I just don’t know what. The hair, the necklace, the color..I dunno

G: I see the direction she was going in but yet something is a bit off. Not bad though.

R: *Blank Stare*

G: LMAO. Next…

R: I’m never a fan of all white-but Trey Nailed it. Quite Dapper.

G: Get ’em Trey! Stand forward next though…You got me with the side pose. You gotta show off the entire fit.

R: Pull your pants up (1) and Creative Recreations? (2) Really?

G: Yeah, the pants look BAD. That MJ shirt is the worse. It looks as if MJ has an afro around his entire head and chin. *blank stare*

R: I actually love CiCi in this. I wish that hair was Flatter and longer but I think she nailed it.

G: Get ’em Ci-Ci! The shoes could have been better though.

R: He needs a chain that says BIG ASS JEANS.

G: Oh, Mom Jeans. Those jeans are from the Fugee days.

R: WTF is that Shirt? An ode to Star Trek? *Blank Stare* I think we’ve been punked.

G: “X” marks the spot! The bomb is going off in 3, 2, 1…POW! FAIL!

R: *Deep Sigh* It’s Really not that bad. But that Hair is awful. I can’t…

G: Where are my tomatoes?? I just wanna aim for the head only!

R: Why can’t Mike and Robert leave the damn Chain belts alone! And Why is Mike getting Bigger?

G: Chain Reaction. Mike, I need you to stay away from all dairy and carbs, PRONTO.

R: I mean, I guess…

G: Ummm, yeah. *waves*

R: Hated that dress when Selita Ebanks wore it and I hate it on Letoya. Nice Shoe.

G: Edward Scissorhands got Letoya before the Red Carpet.

R: *Smile* Always Simple and Chic

G: You gotta love La-La!

R: Uhh, Nice Shoe Amerie. *Akward Silence*

G: She tried but Amber has her spinning…

R: You know I love Estelle. She get’s extra points for the Glove- Hello? Tribute to MJ!

G: Estelle! What-A-Gwan?! Love this chick!

R: Umm, well, OK. Keri.

G: I like Keri! I like!! A very good look.

R: Fonzy’s Red Glove is a little thick, eh?

G: I need that hair gone. Jay-Z cut his hair now it’s your turn Fonzworth.

R: Thanks for making me laugh Raz B, You da Best!


R: I guess, Carmelo

G: What’s good Melo?! A nice jacket would have completed this look. Love the t-shirt.

FLY Ones, You know where to meet us…

-Stay Fly!

By Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1)

Named as one of NY's top socialites, Gabriel Williams has definitely made a name for himself in today's entertainment industry. Running one of the most respected blogs on the web, featured in several blogs, magazines and on television networks, have interviewed some today's hottest talent, to consulting/branding/styling/creative direction for some of the best acts and brands in the business; and also offering his specialty in music, whether it's providing background vocals or songwriting - Gabriel knows his place in the rapture of all-things-entertainment, and he plays it very well. Praised to be a "mogul in the making", Gabriel is just that "IT" candidate for "All Things Fly"! He is what "Stuff Fly People Like"!

13 replies on “FLY-LIGHTS: THE BET AWARDS…”

FLY Guys you are in NYC can one of you please help Lil Mama. I am sure you can get in touch with her people. Help the child before it becomes to late. damn is it already to late?

Mike and Robert from Day 26 are getting big or better yet they are big. both of them are in denial if they dont realize that the vest is way too small. as hot as it is in LA can you explain why Day 26 is always wearing hoodies and hot looking stuff. Willie you can let the hood on the head look go. Man the group looks worst today than they did when they first came out. i thought as time goes on you look better but i guess not.

Beyonce….she took her mothers dress from the late 80’s and told her to cut it into a mini dress.

T. Mari shoes are cute as hell


Wow I actually like Keri’s dress as well her performance EH…

Dag Amerie, as much as I like her, she needs something-that shoe has been photo’d on Ri Ri, La La and one or two others LOL then Amber outshined you in the same dress..she needed more voltage thats it, up voltage hun!!!

I liked Bey Dress, the hair could have been a nice chic bun, something sleeker…..
I actually like Ciara dress here too.

Akeys legs looked swole and stumpy…she got the tre trunk look on the gams
Cassie was to much going on, less is more darling as in simpler/cleaner not naked LOL
..most of the dudes some straight bamas LOL


I say: Que looks like he just finished with Dawn… He looks so undone.

Cassie’s dress looks like something a video vixen would wear, not in a bad way just not for a singer IMO. Her make-up and hair look great

Amber won. Hands down.

Ne-Yo looks like a re-enactment of a music producer from 2001. Is that velour??

My friend says: LeToya’s shoes look like she worked in Saks in ’97.


I agreed with you guys on everything, accept one thing but I’m gonna be be real sacastic now…Yeah, you’re right Cassie is soooo sexy…sooo sexy you can’t even explain why…lol. JOkes!…lol.


Loveeeeeed Keri Hilsons Dress!Its giving me that BOOM BOOM POW!A+ girl!
Trey Songz *deep sigh* Oh Trey would look good in a paper bag such a cutie.
Dont like Amber rose!Why did he bring her?!She always brings his looks down to me…by the way what the F was he going for in the timbs!?cmon yeezy!and where was his performance!?UGH!Amerie is BEAUTIFUL!
Its sad that the first thing I commented on when I saw bey was the hair and the first thing yall said was the hair…it was catastrophic!
Soulja boy shoulda switched his mtv awards outfit with this one because that was much better!hes still a cutie!
Love Letoya!Her 106th and park dress was better tho,as well as the flowy one with all the chains.
Ci Ci was cute.
Mario-NO,T.Marie-WHY?,Cassie-HELL NO!
Heeeey Alicia!Great Look!


Bey. Kanye, Trey Songz, LaLa, Estelle did it for me

Kerri ??? Lil Mama??? Cassie???

Any Mario looks like something from Shark Tales… He didnt make Bmore proud…Sorry


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